30th May 2018

This Website is currently being updated and will be back online with info soon

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While we update the new site, if you have enquiries with regards to AMBO Membership, Barge Plans or the Sailing Championships please click the button below to send an email to Richard Chesney (AMBO/MTSBC contact and will pass your message forward)

Note to Previous modelbarge.info users

the Association of Model Barge Owners (AMBO)


The Model Thames Sailing Barge Championships (MTSBC) 

Due to a slew of technological updates and a number of browsers slowly ceasing to support legacy format websites, it was becoming more time consuming to maintain the old site and users forum with it needing constant up dates and maintenance, with downtime becoming more frequent.


The Forum was not as popular a feature as I was hoping it would be, and whilst there was 2 or 3 users (out of a database of nearly 100 signed up users) who would use the forum for discussions and posting information, it was becoming more difficult to maintain as the PHP and MySQL database systems were getting harder to up date without crashing the site, and needing the database to be rebuilt.


I am sure you will have noticed some irregular happenings of the site in the last few weeks and also as the older server it was hosted on was running legacy versions of Apche, PHP and MySQL was starting to get slow and tired with the constant updates, it was time to bring it to an end.


In the near future as this new site gets populated with new features and information, we may be able to install a new forum for your use, but in the meantime, please do accept my most sincere apologies that the forum has had to stop.


I do have copies of the majority of the photographs that wher euploaded to the site that I managed to grab before the server finally fell over, and I will be looking at including a gallery of images to this site in the near future. In the meantime, please do bear with us as we make this transition to the new site.


30th May 2018